Friday, January 6, 2012

The things my brother finds....

If there is anyone I know that is just randomly lucky when it comes to finding great mid century pieces, it is my brother.  He lives in Boise, Idaho and for some reason, always comes across the best mid century furniture for super cheap prices.  And buy lucky, I mean finding a Selig Z chair for $20 at a garage sale (along with some others below).

Rotating coffee table


Solid Ash Desk (trying to get him to send me this one)

Solid Mahogany desk

Solid Ash end tables


The Z Chair


  1. You're not kidding! Those are some great finds. My son-in-law would be tempted to hire him as a picker!

  2. I might have to head up to Boise sometime. That Z chair and the mahogany desk are killer finds. Man, I'd love a Z chair to call my own.