Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy 126th Birthday Mies!

Happy 126th birthday to Mies Van Der Rohe!  Here in Chicago, he was one of the most influential architects in history citing less is more and changing the way architecture was taught as well as the physical campus at the Illinois Institute of Technology where my husband studied architecture.  Mies influence pushed towards a modern era of building using modern materials and simplistic design.  Regarded as one of his best buildings, Crown Hall, on IITs campus that still stands and houses its school of architecture, is currently up on Google as the Google doodle in order to celebrate his birthday.  It is one of my favorite buildings in Chicago.  Not just for its design but, because I fondly remember picking up my husband there many times when he was studying or building models for studio classes at 3am.  When we got engaged, I even asked him if it was possible for us to be married in or around the building but, we never looked into it. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Decor Around My House

I think sometimes I focus too much on mid century furniture.  Which is probably not the best bet especially since I own so much wonderful decor!  Here is just a few pieces.

Tea set my brother bought me for the Holidays a couple years back.  I love this set!

This is bookend that was my grandmother's.  I am really not sure where it came from but, it is marble and very heavy.  I suppose it is more deco than MCM but, it fits the rattan furniture I have it with.  My brother has the other one.

I just acquired this lamp from a friend at work.  It was in her grandfather's house and she asks if I would like it.  I am now in the search for a new shade for it but, it is HUGE!

This the cock (shut your mouth!).  It was my grandmother's and had a brother but, sadly he chipped because he was dropped.  I actually LOVE this piece and he is proudly displays always on my sideboard or in the center of my dining room table.

I call him Tiki and my father carved him in the 70s.  Ok so not MCM but again, fabulous and fits the room we have it in!