Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Decor Around My House

I think sometimes I focus too much on mid century furniture.  Which is probably not the best bet especially since I own so much wonderful decor!  Here is just a few pieces.

Tea set my brother bought me for the Holidays a couple years back.  I love this set!

This is bookend that was my grandmother's.  I am really not sure where it came from but, it is marble and very heavy.  I suppose it is more deco than MCM but, it fits the rattan furniture I have it with.  My brother has the other one.

I just acquired this lamp from a friend at work.  It was in her grandfather's house and she asks if I would like it.  I am now in the search for a new shade for it but, it is HUGE!

This the cock (shut your mouth!).  It was my grandmother's and had a brother but, sadly he chipped because he was dropped.  I actually LOVE this piece and he is proudly displays always on my sideboard or in the center of my dining room table.

I call him Tiki and my father carved him in the 70s.  Ok so not MCM but again, fabulous and fits the room we have it in!

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