Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Clock

A couple of years back, my brother (who I have mentioned somehow manages to find the coolest things in Boise, ID) bought me this clock for Christmas.  It doesn't keep time at all but, it is one of my favorite pieces of decor in my house.  It is solid walnut and has, in my opinion, a wonderful look to it.  Although my brother repairs old clocks and watches as a hobby, I just can stand to send it back and be without it until he fixes it.  So it sits, remaining unplugged, on my bookcase in our front room.  Part of me doesn't really care that it doesn't keep time.  Sometimes I plug it in a let it run anyways because it makes a humming tick that isn't on time at all.  I actually think that is what makes it so interesting.


  1. Love the clock, especially the brass feet. It's in such beautiful condition.

  2. Can we see some more of that fabric? I really love that pattern!