Monday, January 2, 2012

Recent Purchase: Kent Coffey dressers

I was making my usual Saturday resale shop circulation two weeks ago when I found these Kent Coffey Tableau dressers at a local thrift shop for basically nothing.  This shop doesn't typically carry ant furniture so I was extremely surprised to see them there.  The highboy is a good shape and only had a slight chip in the walnut veneer on one side.  The low dresser needs a bit more work but I think for the price, the work is completely doable. 

We are going to be putting these in our room for now replacing some oak dressers we currently have/dislike.  Hopefully the low dresser will clean up nice and in the future, they can be for child #2!


  1. Love the set. I really like the metal accents and those legs. Kent Coffey makes some amazing stuff.

  2. Those are beautiful pieces! What a lucky find.
    Your sweet baby sleeping in the cradle is precious. Seems like yesterday I was rocking my youngest in a cradle. He's 19 now. Time flies. Enjoy every last moment.

  3. Wonderful Kent-Coffey pieces! And that cradle is fantastic. Enjoy your sweet boy. My grandsons are 1 and 2. It seems like just the other day they were that small!