Saturday, April 21, 2012

And then the angels sang....

I know I haven't written in a while.  A lot has been going on and my time seems to have gotten away from me.  This is mostly due to that fact that I started a new job!  I love my new job.  It is exactly what I went to college for and the best part of all?  It's in downtown Chicago.  Ah Chicago, my love. Now my third love as my husband and son come first but, regardless, still pretty far up there in the list of love.  (Yes, I know, I am being dramatic).  The second best part about my new job is that I get to work in the Merchandise Mart!  Such an amazingly historic and awesome building. 

My second week of working in the Mart, I decided to take a walk in the building and see what is cooking.  I have always known there are studios for some major design companies in the building because my husband is an architect and has had to go to the Mart in the past for work.  Whether it was to view lighting fixtures or tile, whatever.  But, my walk around the Mart lead me to an amazing moment.

I glided up the escalator from the 2nd floor to the third and as I neared the top, I turned around and....

*Queue angels singing*

Alas, Herman Miller....

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  1. Isn't it fun to work in a place where you're surrounded by things like that? People tell me all the time it must be great to work in our store and see all the great mid-century pieces.